Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lady Gaga fucked me!

Lady Gaga, you left me speechless.. but not in a good way.

I'm sure everyone who's reading this has been wronged (like ohnoyoudidnddd gurrrl!) at some point in their lives, right? Maybe it was in high school when your bff kissed your crush behind the bleachers (bitch!), or maybe it was your ex who stole your credit card and bought hookers for everyone at 'Rachel's Cabaret'. No matter the circumstance, it's shitty and painful.

Call me over dramatic or a crazy obsessed fan, but Lady Gaga, I'm calling you out!

First, I purchased tickets for the infamous 'Fame Kills' tour with Kanye West. After Ticketmaster and 'exclusive fan club membership' fees, I ended up paying over $400.00 and overdrawing my bank account. (Thanks for the heads-up on ticket sale dates and prices btw..) CANCELED. I lost $50.00 to 'convenience' fees and $35.00 to NSF fees. No big deal, shit happens.

Then, I purchased tickets to the 'Fame Monster Ball' tour. I ended up paying less than the 'Fame Kills' tickets, but I still upgraded to VIP seats rather that General Admission so it wasn't exactly inexpensive. I've been looking forward to the Orlando show at Hard Rock for months! While I was away for the holidays, snowed-in at my New York City hotel, you apparently decided to CANCEL this show 1 week prior to the date. Are you SERIOUS?! The venue has been moved to the new UCF arena, my previous tickets will not be honored, and I had to re-purchase tickets with a special code that didn't even work. Furthermore, Ticketmaster refunded a closed bank account, without even notifying me! How long will it take for me to get my refund check? Oh, just 4-6 weeks.. Hello! We just had Christmas & Santa wasn't a cheapskate this year! Guess where I'm not going on Sunday, January 3, 2010? Instead, I'll be at home eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream and watching youtube videos.

What was the point of all this? It's not for your 'new stage' because you just announced you weren't debuting it until March. Could it be because an arena has 10x the amount of seats, therefore creating a larger profit? BINGO!

As a die-hard fan from the very beginning, I'm extremely disappointed in this decision.

{I'm pretty sure there's about 5 more signed CD's & 2 shirts lost around the house!}

{April 2009 @ House of Blues}

[October 2008 in Tampa. I paid $10 & drove 3 hrs. to see her @ a shitty bar. NO radio play @ this time!}

I never thought it was possible to be hurt by a pop star, but then again some things hurt worse coming from those we love.