Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh hai blogosphere! It's been awhile. The elaborate excuse for my absence? Well, first there was the whole 'saving-puppies-from-burning-building' debacle, then there was the 'last-minute-holiday-in-Paris' adventure. It's just been wild! Ha. In my dreams!

The real reason I haven't posted is very simple and boring: lack of inspiration. There. I've said it. It's out in the Universe now.

I live a pretty mundane, albeit busy, life. It's like a workout really. Work and class & work and class & work and class.. Lather, rinse, & repeat. It's easy to get lost in the routine tasks of grocery shopping, studying, and sitting in front of a computer screen refreshing twitter every day.

Not today though, friends. Not today. Today I am inspired! & by none other than these two fabulous ladies: Little Mayra & Love Maegan. If you don't follow their blogs, you must! My head is spinning with leather-studden Louboutin and DIY fashion projects. Jay-Z's "Forever Young" & Lady Gaga's "Fashion" are my internet 'shopping' soundtracks today.

I love that fashion resuscitated my creativity today! You see, I am (what I'll coin as) a fashioneer.

fash⋅ion⋅eer  [fash-uh-neer-]


A fashionista in disguise. A person with an eye for fashion, esp. one who does not always dress fashionably. One who suffers with {illness} LLE (Laziness, Lack of creativity, and el-brokeness).

Today I am letting my fashionista shine! Today I feel bold. I feel like throwing my 6' stilettos at a dartboard and shouting "FUCKING FIERCE" in front of my boss. I feel like wearing a leather studded mini skirt. I feel like welding metal shoulder pads. Fashion, bitches!

Katy Perry said it all when she wore this shirt yesterday:
{this is the real shit. shit that makes you feel shit.}

My questions to you are:
What inspires you? How do you get out of a creative slump? Are you a fashioneer?

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  1. wow! thank for the mention dollface and to put me next to maegan, well that is an honor withing itself.

    i love this -> "i feel like throwing my 6' stilettos at a dartboard and shouting "FUCKING FIERCE" in front of my boss."

    i say do it :)

    have a fabulous day darling!