Saturday, September 18, 2010


I think it's safe to say I've given up on this blog for now. Perhaps it'll resurrect itself someday. In the meantime, I moved to

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lady Gaga fucked me!

Lady Gaga, you left me speechless.. but not in a good way.

I'm sure everyone who's reading this has been wronged (like ohnoyoudidnddd gurrrl!) at some point in their lives, right? Maybe it was in high school when your bff kissed your crush behind the bleachers (bitch!), or maybe it was your ex who stole your credit card and bought hookers for everyone at 'Rachel's Cabaret'. No matter the circumstance, it's shitty and painful.

Call me over dramatic or a crazy obsessed fan, but Lady Gaga, I'm calling you out!

First, I purchased tickets for the infamous 'Fame Kills' tour with Kanye West. After Ticketmaster and 'exclusive fan club membership' fees, I ended up paying over $400.00 and overdrawing my bank account. (Thanks for the heads-up on ticket sale dates and prices btw..) CANCELED. I lost $50.00 to 'convenience' fees and $35.00 to NSF fees. No big deal, shit happens.

Then, I purchased tickets to the 'Fame Monster Ball' tour. I ended up paying less than the 'Fame Kills' tickets, but I still upgraded to VIP seats rather that General Admission so it wasn't exactly inexpensive. I've been looking forward to the Orlando show at Hard Rock for months! While I was away for the holidays, snowed-in at my New York City hotel, you apparently decided to CANCEL this show 1 week prior to the date. Are you SERIOUS?! The venue has been moved to the new UCF arena, my previous tickets will not be honored, and I had to re-purchase tickets with a special code that didn't even work. Furthermore, Ticketmaster refunded a closed bank account, without even notifying me! How long will it take for me to get my refund check? Oh, just 4-6 weeks.. Hello! We just had Christmas & Santa wasn't a cheapskate this year! Guess where I'm not going on Sunday, January 3, 2010? Instead, I'll be at home eating Ben & Jerry's ice cream and watching youtube videos.

What was the point of all this? It's not for your 'new stage' because you just announced you weren't debuting it until March. Could it be because an arena has 10x the amount of seats, therefore creating a larger profit? BINGO!

As a die-hard fan from the very beginning, I'm extremely disappointed in this decision.

{I'm pretty sure there's about 5 more signed CD's & 2 shirts lost around the house!}

{April 2009 @ House of Blues}

[October 2008 in Tampa. I paid $10 & drove 3 hrs. to see her @ a shitty bar. NO radio play @ this time!}

I never thought it was possible to be hurt by a pop star, but then again some things hurt worse coming from those we love.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

I like.. throwing quarters?

I have some really exciting news! Wait for it.. wait for it.. ready? GO!

Little old me has the honor of writing a guest post over at Adam's HIGHlariously entertaining blog,! If you're not following him, do it now! (You can thank me later.)

Details soon!

In the meantime, here's my blogosphere fairy tale:

So, Adam writes this post explaining how he'll be basically sleeping in a retail cot the next 2 weeks, fending off ravenous shoppers & obviously will not have any time to entertain us with cute pictures of his kids. (boo! hiss!) In light of this situation, he decided to open up his blog to only 5 lucky, talented, amazing, beautiful (OK, maybe not the last one..) bloggers & let us write a guest post in his absence. Adam invited us readers to send him an e-mail if we were interested & well, I took a shot in the dark & did just that. It went a little something like this:


Just kidding! I composed myself.

"Hey there! I've never had the honor of writing a guest post before and I'm certainly not the most popular in blogosphere, but I figured.. what the hell, I'll e-mail you anyhow!

I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Your posts are severely entertaining! Like, I think that my sides might ACTUALLY split entertaining! To be honest, you kind of inspired me to write my latest post about working in retail.

Anyhow, if you're interested, my blog is located at I would really appreciate the feedback!"

Then, I received an e-mail right in the middle of The Vampire Diaries saying.. I GOT IT! (Woo! Happy Dance! Oh shit.. vamp sex!) & the rest is still unwritten. Dun, dun dunnnnn.

Thanks Adam; for giving this little blogger a chance.

Let the writing commence!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Holidays, Retailers!

Wine and cry all you want- the holidays are approaching are here. I hope you've all been practicing your favorite bumper cart move for the Walmart shuffle!

OK, so maybe I'm bitter not in the Christmas spirit yet, but I'm desperately trying! I just can't help but recall the years of pure hell I worked in retail. Yes, I was once the disgruntled sleepy employee providing crowd control at five am so you could purchase your three-hundred-dollar big screen. I was also that employee who scanned your last minute Star Wars Lego set on Christmas Eve and had to stay late to 'fix' the WHOLE FREAKING DISPLAY YOUR BRATTY KID KNOCKED OVER!!!

Needless to say, I am thrilled that I don't work retail anymore. However, my boyfriend does. (boo! hiss!) A permanent scowl has been painted on his face since November 1st. He works early mornings and late evenings. He has to answer 9765745 stupid questions per day. His feet hurt and body aches. His hours get cut.. No big deal; just a typical retail-land holiday.. Wait, What?! Work harder for less pay? Can someone please explain to me how this makes sense?

This sucks for me because a) I will soon forget D exists and b) it means less money to spend, obviously. (I mean, how am I supposed to stimulate the economy, people?) But this also sucks for the consumers who have to deal with angry employees as they reluctantly spend their hard-earned dollar!

With all the "change" that has happened this year, you would think that retail companies would take a different approach; show a little compassion & appreciation for their dedicated employees. Hell no! When it comes down to brass tacks, they only care about one thing: Money. So who really wins during the holidays? The crumb-snatcher who gets a 'Tickle-Me Elmo' or the retail giants who raise their prices and decrease their employees' pay?

Since the retail moguls are too busy purchasing new BMW's and writing checks for their children's Ivy League education, I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for all of the hard working retail employees out there this holiday season:

Dear all retail employees,

Thank you for not compromising your work ethics & for keeping a smile on your face!


*If you've worked in retail, I want to hear your horror stories! Also, don't forget to pass this post on to anyone YOU know who works in the retail industry & thank them.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween was amazing! Well, besides my house getting repossessed.. (Hahaha!)

I may have had TOO much fun actually, but more on that later.. Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night! If you weren't at the Zombie Dance, you seriously missed out. Megaphone & Social Ghost rocked the house! Here's some pictures:

{Social Ghost}

On a side note, Thank you to everyone who commented, retweeted, & e-mailed my blog post! As a new blogger, I really appreciate it. For those of you who couldn't comment because blogger wasn't cooperating, I'm sorry & I did count your submissions.

I decided to be a vampire! (I know, so original right?)

Before you guys call me a sell-out, there's more to the story than "I don't know what to be, so I'll just be a friggin vampire!" I kind of have an obsession with vampires and monsters & Halloween is my ONE day to fulfill my fantasy! So there!

The winner of my Halloween giveaway is *dun dun dun*.. REKKO! (He doesn't have a blog to link YET). Yay for $10 in itunes & a signed SOCIAL GHOST CD!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween giveaway!


There's just something about Zombies & Vampires that get me excited! Call me morbid,
I don't even care! You know why? Because it's Halloween & I can do/wear/say whatever I want WITHOUT the threat of being sent to a mental institution!

Top 10 Reasons Halloween is the most badass holiday:

1. We (women) can dress as slutty as we want (Hello, cliche)
2. Scary movies
3. 'Haunted' houses
4. Hilarious costumes!
5. Fake eyelashes
6. Trick r' treaters (Aw bebe's! 2 snickers 4 u!)
7. Candy
8. Fake blood
9. Fog machines

This year, D & I are attending our very first Zombie Dance Party in support of 2 awesome local bands; Social Ghost and Megaphone Music in Orlando! If you're in the area, you MUST check it out! Havoc will be wreaked on the streets, I'm sure of it!

& what's Halloween without a good costume contest?! If you are the first to correctly guess MY halloween costume, I will mail you a signed Social Ghost CD (courtesy of my buddy, Paul) AND e-mail you a $10 itunes gift card!


  • Contest ends November 1st.
  • Sorry mom, you can't enter.
  • Submit as many guesses as you want.
  • Leave your e-mail in the comments!'
Good luck & Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Oh hai blogosphere! It's been awhile. The elaborate excuse for my absence? Well, first there was the whole 'saving-puppies-from-burning-building' debacle, then there was the 'last-minute-holiday-in-Paris' adventure. It's just been wild! Ha. In my dreams!

The real reason I haven't posted is very simple and boring: lack of inspiration. There. I've said it. It's out in the Universe now.

I live a pretty mundane, albeit busy, life. It's like a workout really. Work and class & work and class & work and class.. Lather, rinse, & repeat. It's easy to get lost in the routine tasks of grocery shopping, studying, and sitting in front of a computer screen refreshing twitter every day.

Not today though, friends. Not today. Today I am inspired! & by none other than these two fabulous ladies: Little Mayra & Love Maegan. If you don't follow their blogs, you must! My head is spinning with leather-studden Louboutin and DIY fashion projects. Jay-Z's "Forever Young" & Lady Gaga's "Fashion" are my internet 'shopping' soundtracks today.

I love that fashion resuscitated my creativity today! You see, I am (what I'll coin as) a fashioneer.

fash⋅ion⋅eer  [fash-uh-neer-]


A fashionista in disguise. A person with an eye for fashion, esp. one who does not always dress fashionably. One who suffers with {illness} LLE (Laziness, Lack of creativity, and el-brokeness).

Today I am letting my fashionista shine! Today I feel bold. I feel like throwing my 6' stilettos at a dartboard and shouting "FUCKING FIERCE" in front of my boss. I feel like wearing a leather studded mini skirt. I feel like welding metal shoulder pads. Fashion, bitches!

Katy Perry said it all when she wore this shirt yesterday:
{this is the real shit. shit that makes you feel shit.}

My questions to you are:
What inspires you? How do you get out of a creative slump? Are you a fashioneer?