Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Holidays, Retailers!

Wine and cry all you want- the holidays are approaching are here. I hope you've all been practicing your favorite bumper cart move for the Walmart shuffle!

OK, so maybe I'm bitter not in the Christmas spirit yet, but I'm desperately trying! I just can't help but recall the years of pure hell I worked in retail. Yes, I was once the disgruntled sleepy employee providing crowd control at five am so you could purchase your three-hundred-dollar big screen. I was also that employee who scanned your last minute Star Wars Lego set on Christmas Eve and had to stay late to 'fix' the WHOLE FREAKING DISPLAY YOUR BRATTY KID KNOCKED OVER!!!

Needless to say, I am thrilled that I don't work retail anymore. However, my boyfriend does. (boo! hiss!) A permanent scowl has been painted on his face since November 1st. He works early mornings and late evenings. He has to answer 9765745 stupid questions per day. His feet hurt and body aches. His hours get cut.. No big deal; just a typical retail-land holiday.. Wait, What?! Work harder for less pay? Can someone please explain to me how this makes sense?

This sucks for me because a) I will soon forget D exists and b) it means less money to spend, obviously. (I mean, how am I supposed to stimulate the economy, people?) But this also sucks for the consumers who have to deal with angry employees as they reluctantly spend their hard-earned dollar!

With all the "change" that has happened this year, you would think that retail companies would take a different approach; show a little compassion & appreciation for their dedicated employees. Hell no! When it comes down to brass tacks, they only care about one thing: Money. So who really wins during the holidays? The crumb-snatcher who gets a 'Tickle-Me Elmo' or the retail giants who raise their prices and decrease their employees' pay?

Since the retail moguls are too busy purchasing new BMW's and writing checks for their children's Ivy League education, I wanted to take the time to express my appreciation for all of the hard working retail employees out there this holiday season:

Dear all retail employees,

Thank you for not compromising your work ethics & for keeping a smile on your face!


*If you've worked in retail, I want to hear your horror stories! Also, don't forget to pass this post on to anyone YOU know who works in the retail industry & thank them.


  1. i worked retail in high school and oh how i hated it. for someone who has little patience, i was really good with customer servic even after waking up @ 5am to work black friday or whatever the hell it's called.

    also worked returns after christmas. what a nightmare. so i definitely feel for your boyfriend.

  2. one H&M?! are you kidding me?! wow...sorry hun.

  3. thank you!

    unlike the typical retail employee, i make sick cash during the holidays, so when I complain about it, it isn't because I am NOT getting paid. I can make that paper!

    anyway, look forward to your post on the blog next week!

  4. I am grateful to those who give good service, who care, and smile, and know a few things about the products or at least will call someone who knows a few things. Customer service blows these days. I am stoked that we are too broke to shop this year. I had no business in retail but lasted years with Gap, Express, A&F and finally Starbucks. It was a great outlet for all my unresolved anger and sometimes compassion. Here is a post from my time at Starbucks so you can read first hand what an a-hole I was.
    I did not indicate this in my post, but when a customer was kind or even just benign, I gave great service. I just couldn't be counted on to embrace "The customer is always right" . A-holes are never right, even when they are ME.

  5. how about now?

    i am surely mistaken in thinking it is a masterpiece, but i know it is relatable on mnay levels, either as the recipient of such treatment or the provider.

  6. waiting for your next post. hello? i am a demanding follower you know.