Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This Halloween was amazing! Well, besides my house getting repossessed.. (Hahaha!)

I may have had TOO much fun actually, but more on that later.. Thanks to everyone who came out Friday night! If you weren't at the Zombie Dance, you seriously missed out. Megaphone & Social Ghost rocked the house! Here's some pictures:

{Social Ghost}

On a side note, Thank you to everyone who commented, retweeted, & e-mailed my blog post! As a new blogger, I really appreciate it. For those of you who couldn't comment because blogger wasn't cooperating, I'm sorry & I did count your submissions.

I decided to be a vampire! (I know, so original right?)

Before you guys call me a sell-out, there's more to the story than "I don't know what to be, so I'll just be a friggin vampire!" I kind of have an obsession with vampires and monsters & Halloween is my ONE day to fulfill my fantasy! So there!

The winner of my Halloween giveaway is *dun dun dun*.. REKKO! (He doesn't have a blog to link YET). Yay for $10 in itunes & a signed SOCIAL GHOST CD!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!


  1. I'm right with you about the can't get much more awesome than that. ;) I love the halloween sign in your yard! That's so cute!

    Thanks for the compliments on my blog.

  2. WHAT?! love the vampire costume! are those fake fangs i see. i might need to sport some for the premiere of new moon. BWAH!