Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sorry, please play again.

As a kid, I was a sodaholic. What child isn't? Every time I went somewhere with mom, I always always always had to get a soda. I "needed" that carbonated sugary liquid crack! More importantly, I needed to win.

Once upon a time the soft drink makers used to actually give away things that you actually wanted (like money and free drinks). All you had to do was purchase a 12oz Pepsi or Coca-Cola and twist off the cap to reveal your fate.

I loved the excitement of choosing the "winning" bottle. Wayyyy in the back; that one looks like a winner! I hated reading, "Sorry, please play again." I would then proceed to beg my mom for another soda.

Now, on the rare occasion I indulge in a soda, all I get is a disappointing plethora of letters and numbers. A stupid CODE to log on to a website, enter it, and earn POINTS to buy something I don't even want. 25 points gets you a brand new T-shirt!... Or better yet, a free song download at some unknown itunes-ripoff site.

Sorry soda companies, please play again.


  1. lol. I remember doing the same thing with the soda lids. I was convinced that I'd win something great each time I walked into a Shell station. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I am totally with you on this one, except I do collect the coke points... I use them to get subscriptions to magazine that I otherwise wouldn't pay for ;)

  3. I'm a soda addict from childhood. Interesting thing, it isn't sold in health stores as it is considered unhealthy!. Well, I believe it is healthy, it neutralizes toxins in the stomach, it makes free space for food to come in , etc...

  4. I was thinking about this same thing recently!! Yeah, whatever happened to a simple "You lose, jackass!"?