Friday, August 14, 2009

Where Women Fit Into Mens Wallets

What does the average bachelor spend his money on? The answer is simple: Women! No complaints here, I assure you. In all seriousness though, after viewing this, I found myself asking that question. After teaming up with my buddy, Google, and doing some heavy-duty research, I couldn't find anything really factual. I decided to analyze how the men in my personal life (and the one's who are no longer a part of my life) spend their money and come to my own conclusions. Because that's what women are best at right? I purposely did not consider living expenses.

Women, how do the men in your life compare? Men, do you agree with me? Yes, I know porn is free on the internet, but I know you men can't resist those sexy Playboy's and I've seen the cable bill..

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